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Ivy Miller and John McCullough

Ivy Miller and John McCullough posing with Ivy's new 9'4" Custom Noserider, built from start to finish by John.

This board was designed and built with two factors in mind; Surfer and Location : Ivy and Malibu. It's got a wide squaretail with a hard edge on the backside, 50/50 rails, and a scooped out single concave under the nose.

If you're out at Malibu this summer, keep an eye out for Ivy and her custom marbled Monarch log.

John McCullough
Monarch Surf LLC
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A surfboard is an extension of yourself that allows you to connect with and share the energy of the ocean.

Monarch's Mission

Welcome to Monarch Surfboards, where we believe that surfing is more than just a sport, it’s a spiritual journey that accompanies our daily lives. Our core goal is to turn your dream surfboard into a reality. Our Founder, John McCullough, builds each board in his backyard workshop that dubbed the name “The Cocoon”. All surfboards are infused with his passion and intention to create a board that feels like an extension of yourself.

But our Mission goes beyond just building dream surfboards. We also offer a line of clothing designed to inspire you to transcend your realities and live a righteous life. Our apparel is more than just clothing, it’s a way to connect with the ocean and earth, with yourself, and with the divine.

At Monarch Surfboards, we believe that the ocean has the power to heal, teach, and transform us. When you ride a Monarch board, you become part of a community that is dedicated to surfing with intention, respect, and reverence for the natural world. So, whether you’re a seasoned surfer or just starting out, we invite you to join us on this spiritual journey we call life and experience the magic of Monarch Surfboards.

Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

We believe in a lifestyle where the pursuit of happiness is so radical that we end up living our dreams, mindfully, every day.

Surfing is one of many sports where humans can tap into raw life force energy, or a flow state.
We recognize waves as energy moving through water.
We yearn to find a source that we can tap into when we need it most.

Monarch not only promotes this in surfing, but in any way you tap into the natural life force energy that is flowing through all.
— John

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From Our Customers

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The Humble Bee. I could sit here and write an extremely intricate essay (I’m going to do it anyway) about the way this board came out. In short, as the great Muhammad Ali once said, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” – that’s exactly how she feels.   read more ...

— Danny Collins

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I’ve been riding a 6’9 humble bee twin pin, and it’s become my go-to board. Perfect down the line speed, but enough control to schwaxk the lip.   read more ...

— Neal From

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Hands-down the impeccably shaped American crafted surfboards from monarch are the best I’ve ever ridden.   read more ...

— Gareth Hoernel

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